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Access to, and our core understanding of the BAME community gives us key insights. Access to a large network of companies and groups amplifies our efforts. Our main services are:


We work with your company to create an individual and effective inclusion program. We empower you and your organisation to craft programs and actions plans that will bring real and lasting change to your company. We take a deep dive into your company culture and with our insights to our communities, can show you what works and what doesnt when creating a inclusive working culture.

There is no “silver bullet” for solving a specific D&I company issue, especially in regards to ethnic diversity. Therefore we work with companies taking a deep dive into their company culture, what they require and help with them to come up with effective solutions, both with an understanding of the company and our understanding of the communities they aim to reach.

Not just a solution for HR but involving and engaging with the senior leadership, business teams and individuals across the company for a 360 degree view. Promoting lasting change and transformation.

Event planning and speaker sourcing

We work with creative companies and we come from creative backgrounds. Therefore we use these insights to craft innovative ways to plan and excute events so that BAME talent, role models, avaliable creative roles and your company can become far more visible. These events extend to recruitment events, talks, panels and brand visibility events to showcase your company to a new and more diverse audience.

Inspiring, inside and outside of the We Are Stripes community on ethnic diversity issues, challenges, trends and changes across varying matters within the industries, with content and commentary. Move away from just solely speaking about diversity and focus on the work the BAME community can produce.

If you have an upcoming event that requires speakers, a more creative and innovative design or steer, get in contact with us.


Companies often use the same companies who recruit from the same talent pool from the same universities or organisations.

Working with agencies and companies to develop recruitment programmes that promote equality, focussed on the best candidate for the job impartial of background. As this circumvents unconscious bias.

As well as entry level talent we also focus on mid-senior talent working with creative platforms and senior connections and partners. Working with FE organisations to structure skills workshops and industry days to build relevant skills for industry success.

Our recruitment arm is run by Andrew Francis who has over 10 years of experience working within recriutment for the creative industries. Get in touch with our team to find out how we can assist you with sourcing great talent.

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